Surgical Consultations

Oral Surgical Consultations for the
Wollongong & Campbelltown, NSW Areas 

For some patients whose facial bones are no longer growing, some severe malocclusions cannot be corrected with braces alone. In such cases, orthodontic treatment combined with jaw surgery (called ‘orthognathic’ surgery) can achieve improvements. All Orthodontics offers surgical consultations for all our patients so you can figure out what treatment would work best for you.  

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There might be more to getting straighter teeth than you might think. Sometimes braces and other orthodontic treatments are the least of your worries. At All Orthodontics we offer surgical options to reposition the upper and lower jaw to correct and align minor and major facial and jaw irregularities. This not only improves facial appearance but it also ensures that the teeth meet correctly and function properly. 

If you think you might require oral surgery, contact our team today for a surgical consultation!
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