Orthodontic Treatments and More for the Campbelltown & Wollongong, NSW Areas

All Orthodontics has helped countless adults and children throughout Campbelltown, NSW achieve a beautiful smile with our quality orthodontic services. Crooked teeth, improper bites, overcrowding and protrusion can be treated regardless of age. New technology has enabled less conspicuous braces to be an option such as tooth-coloured braces on your upper teeth, braces behind your teeth or Invisalign. If you are interested in one of these options, ask Dr Van Vuuren to explain the pros and cons of these braces and whether they would be suitable for your teeth.

You’re Never Too Old to Have Braces

We offer children’s braces as well as adult braces. The approach to adult treatment is very similar to that of treating a child but there are some important differences. Adult faces have reached their final size and shape. Growth patterns can be altered with certain appliances for children but these are not very effective for adults, as their growth has completed. Adult bones are no longer growing and therefore it may take longer to move teeth in to their correct position. Please call All Orthodontics today to learn more about our orthodontic treatments. 

We offer the following:
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