Mouth Muscle Habit Correction

Tongue Habits Play an Important Part in Your Oral Health

Tongue Habits

‘It was found that the tongue habit plays an important part in interference with normal growth of the dentition (teeth) and is capable of causing many serious malocclusions.’

- Walter J. Straub DDS, MS, FICD. American Journal of Orthodontics 1962. Malfunction of the Tongue: The Abnormal Swallowing Habit: Its Cause, Affects and Results in Relation to Orthodontic Treatment and Speech Therapy.

Influence of The Lips

‘...more often than is recognised the peculiarities of lip function may have been the cause of forcing the teeth into the malpositions they occupy.’

- Dr E. H. Angle - The Treatment of Malocclusion of Teeth. Edition 7. Ch. 2 Philadelphia: 1907 

Thumb and Finger Sucking

‘Prolonged thumb or finger sucking habits cause the front teeth and surrounding bone to be pushed out of shape.’

- Colgate Oral Care, A Focus on Infants and Toddlers
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