Metal Braces and Other Orthodontic Treatments for the Wollongong & Campbelltown, NSW Areas

Traditional metal braces are the most common type used. The wire threads through the brackets, which often means the ideal shape of the archwire is temporarily distorted due to the positioning of the teeth and, as it tries to return to its original shape, it applies pressure to move the teeth. The jawbones and gum tissues then remodel to accommodate any changes in tooth position.

In some cases, elastics (small rubber bands) are used to add additional force to create the right amount of pressure to move teeth. Elastics are issued as required and must be worn religiously to ensure timely completion of orthodontic treatment.

Porcelain Braces

Many still think of braces as the large metal type but modern braces can be crystal clear. Clear braces are barely visible and are suitable for all types of orthodontic problems. They are most suited where invisible aligners are not suited or where the extra cost of lingual braces is a concern.
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